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Tax Services Center

Tax preparation is a chore. Few people enjoy the tax filing process and even less how to do it correctly. We make the state and federal tax preparation process as easy as possible so that your risk and liability are minimized and your tax refund is maximized.

EH Financial Group is founded and run by an experienced tax attorney. Our licensed Enrolled Agents are here to help with your difficult tax issues. Regardless of whether you need assistance with a simple or complex tax return, have tax planning questions, or need help with retirement planning - you can rely on us.

We inform you about the filing process, any documents that you’ll need, and will properly complete all tax forms. We are committed to keeping you updated on the process and deadlines.

Unlike many financial planning firms, EH Financial is acutely aware of the tax implications associated with your family’s investment decisions. Addressing tax considerations is a vital component of our holistic financial services model. Factoring in the taxation variables into your overall financial equation helps our clients better manage their financial future. At EH Financial Group, we're committed to helping you leverage our knowledge for your family’s financial advantage.

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